On Flight of Ideas, Warm Digits make a call to arms: when we all think our ideas are right, what are the costs of never believing you could be wrong?

Looking back to the history of psychology to find out what happens when ideas outlive their sell-by date, with their vocal guests, Warm Digits set up a blistering musical exchange between fluorescent agit-funk, primary-coloured synth-bounce and fizzing sheets of guitar noise. The duo effortlessly capture the kaleidoscopic abandon of their lauded live shows, whilst simultaneously exploring more tuneful territory. Their latest album (out April 10 on Memphis Industries) features vocal contributions from Maximo Park’s Paul Smith, The Lovely Eggs, The Orielles, Rozi Plain and The Delgados’ Emma Pollock.

The new single “The View From Nowhere” has a stunning stop-motion video by illustrator Josie Brookes and filmmaker Tom Madge (Animate City)

“The View From Nowhere” refers to the mid-century approach to psychotherapy which required the therapist to remove the ‘self’ from their view of the patient. Artists, Josie Brookes and Tom Madge responded to the struggle inherent within this idea and the pulsating ebb and flow of both the music, and the personal narrative within the lyrics.

The finished video was created using 2D stop-motion animation with Emma Pollock’s performance cut from printed film stills. The undulating head belongs with, but is at odds with, Josie’s bold sequences of geometric print. Together they push and pull with the song to explore ideas of identity and someone working to separate themselves from their humanity.

The album will be available as a limited Dinked edition orange vinyl on mirror board sleeve with exclusive 7” featuring two brand new, exclusive non album tracks, “Be Like Me” and “Divided Attention”. The orange vinyl with standard sleeve is available from the Warm Digits store HERE.

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