We are very excited to tell you that our debut album, “Keep Warm… with the Warm Digits”, is now ready for release.

“Keep Warm” will be released on double gatefold vinyl and download, on September 5th, on Distraction Records.

The songs on this record developed our of our totally improvised early gigs, gradually coalescing into a set of crisp, propulsive pieces. We aim for a brew of metronomic rhythms, snowstorm guitar and radiophonic electronics, dual-laptop electro, swathes of no-wave guitar and frantic free jazz drumming; taking our cue from the hypnotic repetition of Neu!, the textural overload of My Bloody Valentine, the glacial otherworldliness of Emeralds, and the sensuous modernity of cosmic disco; there are hints in the mix too of Eno, Giorgio Moroder and Holy Fuck, along with a pinch of Brian Eno-esque melody.

We’ll be posting more about the record including films and downloads in the build-up to release. We will also be playing a launch gig in Newcastle-upon-Tyne followed by dates around the UK, details of which we’ll post here when we have them.

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