NOW AVAILABLE FOR FREE DOWNLOAD VIA THE BBC WEBSITE! a session for BBC Radio 3’s Late Junction – a collaboration between Field Music and Warm Digits.

When we released our album, it tickled Late Junction’s interest enough for them to invite us for a session.  Their sessions are unique, one-off collaborations between musicians and bands who haven’t worked together before.  So in early December, we spent a day at BBC Maida Vale Studios with Field Music.

You will, surely, all know Field Music : David and Peter Brewis from Sunderland, who’ve released a chain of glorious, uniquely coiled and beguiling melodic pop albums over the last six years (the latest one, Plumb, is coming soon).  Marc Riley says they’re currently the best band in the country, and that sounds about right to me.  So we were very excited that we had this opportunity to spend a day making music together.

We composed and recorded four completely new pieces of music together on the day at Maida Vale, and these form our session for Late Junction.  We’re very pleased with how they’ve turned out and can’t wait for people to hear them.

The session was broadcast on Thursday 26th January on Late Junction, on BBC Radio 3.
You can get a downloadable podcast, and the programme details are here on the Late Junction website.

You can see some photographs from our recording session at Maida Vale on Facebook.

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