Warm Digits play a special one off event this Friday 29th August at the Great Hall of Newcastle’s Discovery Museum – a screening of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, bookended by two special Warm Digits performances.

Doors open at 7.30pm and the event starts with a unique short set of new Warm Digits material inspired by Vangelis, the composer of Blade Runner’s soundtrack.  This will be followed by a full screening of the movie, following which we’ll play a further Digits set to round off the party.

The event – now sold out! – is organised by Screenage Kicks, who put together widescreen immersive pop up cinema events in the North.  If you’re looking for stage times, try checking the event Facebook page nearer the time.

Our Vangelis set takes as its starting point his great and bizarre 1976 album La Fête Sauvage, taking flute and percussion samples and building two new semi-improvised pieces from them, followed by a cover version of the title track.

Screenage Kicks hope that ticket holders push out the boat and go full retro-futurist fancy dress: “have your human replica, bounty hunter, and twisted future shock attire ready to wear”…


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